Wood Crate Assembly

SharkCrates assemble and disassemble in minutes with pallet banding or screws.

Assemble your crate in  minutes

Step 1

After receiving your SharkCrate, remove the banding and lay the panels out on a level working space.

– Panel 1 – Bottom (with 4 brackets)
– Panels 2 & 4 – Ends (with 2 brackets each)
– Panels 3 & 5 – Sides (no brackets)
– Panel 6 – Top (with 4 brackets)

Step 2

One at a time, place panels 4, 5, and 3 into the brackets
on panel 1 and the adjoining corner brackets, ensuring
that the panels are square and fully inserted into the

Step 3

Push panel 2 onto the sides of panel 3 and 5 and slide it
carefully down into the bracket on panel 1.

Step 4

Place panel 6 on top of panels 2, 3, 4, and 5. Tip: If you
are having trouble installing the top, make sure that all
other boards are securely seated in their respective
brackets and that your crate is on a level surface.

Step 5

Fully-assembled SharkCrate can be secured to the pallet
with metal / poly banding or with the included screws. If
using screws, it is recommended that they be placed in
the bracket holes approximately every 10″ or 250mm.

Watch how fast we put this SharkCrate together!