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Engineered in Germany

Our specialty crate brackets were meticulously engineered and tested over several years at our research and development facility near Stuttgart, Germany

These brackets allow us the ultimate flexibility in crate building.  We generally keep more than 30 different lengths on our floor so that we can react quickly to any custom crates or other specialty projects.  

SharkCrate Brackets holding the shipping crate together

Flexible Design

Because the OSB panels don’t require any additional milling or routingour brackets can easily be added to a new panel on the fly if one of your crates get damaged.   

With bracket lengths from about 6” – 144”, we can accommodate a variety of special requirements. 

While we don’t offer SharkCrate brackets for individual sale, we welcome partnerships with large manufacturers and logistics companies who want to use them in-house to build their own crates.  We are also happy to work with other pallet or crate manufacturers under private label or licensing agreements.  Please contact us for more details. 

SharkCrate Bracket - Build Crates Faster

Aluminum H – Brackets

One of the many ways we can customize crates is by using our aluminum “H-Brackets.”  This extrusion gives us the capability to join panels without using additional wood cleats and allows the user to disassemble the crate in smaller sections.

For instance, most crates start from a 4 x 8 panel product, so if you require a crate that is 108″ x 60″ you traditionally need to work with very large panels  With SharkCrates, we are able to reduce the size of these sides for more ergonomic handling.

Large Custom Crate With Aluminum Brackets

We have reduced our machine crating time from a couple days down to a couple hours. Hours because we are still building around and attaching the machine to the skid. I keep challenging them to crate a machine in 10 minutes. We are certainly looking forward to using these for our tapping machines going forward.

Jeff Van Fossen

Engineering Supervisor, Penn Engineering

Crate Bracket Dividers

Every customer’s freight and crate requirement is slightly different.  For customers who need to add dividers or shelves to their crate, we have developed our aluminum CB-D bracket.

These brackets can be mounted on the sides, top or bottom of the crate and help keep freight compartmentalized.

Aluminum SharkCrate Bracket Divider Used to modify crates

Aluminum Brackets for 7/16″ OSB and Plywood

One of our newest products is a line of aluminum brackets designed for 7/16″ (1/2″) panel products.  These brackets have the same basic functionality as our standard steel brackets, but can accommodate thinner boards, which results in a lighter weight crate.

For customer who want to make the jump from gaylords or cardboard material, but are weary of the cost of crates, our SharkCrate – Eco could be a good option.

Aluminum SharkCrate Bracket for 7/16" OSB and Plywood

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