Custom Shipping Crates

Design your own right now using our custom configurator!


Using our custom configurator design your crate. We’ll review your design and contact you with more details about your build! 


We know time means money and we’ll do everything we can to build and ship your crate ASAP.


Based on your requirements, we can ship your custom crates collapsed or pre-built. 

Custom Shipping Crates

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Custom Made Crates

Although we stock a wide variety of standard SharkCrates, we are happy to offer custom shipping crates as well.  In fact, many of our customers purchase a combination of standard wood crates and custom shipping crates. 

As some of our larger custom shipping crates require more than one panel per side, we often utilize our aluminum H-Brackets to join two or more panels.  Please note that some of these crates will need to be shipped fully assembled. 

Recent custom crate projects

Our business is architectural salvage and we ship all over the country. Crate building can consume a lot of our time as no two items we pack and ship are the same. Recently, we switched to SharkCrates and found this solution to be a real time (and money!) saver. Now we can put our time into salvaging and upcycling treasures and leave the crating building to the Sharks!

Robert Kulp

President of Black Dog Salvage and Co-Host of DIY Network’s Salvage Dawgs

Stacks of 1x4 lumber
Dunnage stamp on lumber for wood crates

Interior Customization

Although the sides of our standard crates are not removable when closed, we can rotate the bracket orientation on one or more panels to help facilitate side loading of freight, without removing the top.   

In addition to modifying the underlying structure of the crate, we can also provide interior customizations such as dividers, inserts, foam padding, custom foam inserts, and additional blocking, bracing, and dunnage.  Any dunnage (additional loose boards you can use to block or brace the contents of your shipping crate) will be stamped with our dunnage logo.

Trade Show Crate for SharkCrates

Adding Logos to Your Crates

We understand how important branding can be.  As such, we can stencil or digitally print your logo on any of our crates.  Talk to us about your logo requirements. 

If you have specific requirements such as wood crates for lithium batteries that require UN certified wooden boxes, please let us know and we can work with you find the safest and most economical solution. 

Do you still have questions about custom shipping crates?