SharkCrate_LP 48x48x48



SharkCrates are collapsible wooden shipping crates made from 19/32” (15mm) OSB and our unique 0.040” (1.0mm) steel brackets, which not only protect the edges, but also increase the rigidity of the crate.  Our wood crates are economical enough for one-way shipments and strong enough to make the return journey.


  • Outside Dimensions:  48 x 48 x 48
  • Inside Dimensions:  46.5 x 46.5 x 42
  • Weight:  205lbs
  • Capacity:  3,100lbs
  • Stacking Strength:  15,000
  • Ships As:  Quick-Assemble Set
  • Loading Panel:  YES
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Our reusable wooden shipping crates are perfect for international transport, multiple inter-company shipments, trade shows, and storage.  Our incredibly strong space-saving design makes this the perfect wood crate for any application.

  • All SharkCrates are ISPM-15 certified and ready for international transport
  • SharkCrates are shipped as quick-assemble sets or fully-assembled crates
  • 4-way block pallets, which ensures stable footing and easy handling.
  • The top can be secured by the user with either steel banding or screws.
  • Our unique loading panel can be added to certain crates to help facilitate ergonomic loading and unloading of loose freight