Reusable Shipping Crates

Read about how we designed a heavy-duty reusable crate for a Wisconsin client

Suspended Cylinder

A Wisconsin customer needed a multi-functional, reusable shipping crate for their adhesive rolls.  Our customer was purchasing large rolls of film weighing several hundred pounds and then outsourcing the converting to a third party who shipped them back smaller rolls in boxes.  Before utilizing our reusable shipping crates, they were shipping the roll on standard pallets.  As a result of the roll being exposed during transit, they suffered several costly damage claims. 

Additionally, the pallets they were shipping to the converter were being either thrown out or replaced by less durable pallets.  They asked us to help them design a crate to help them reduce waste, save time, and save money.  

Reusable Crate Solution

After our customer had posed their situation to us, we worked with our engineers to design  a reusable crate that included a cradle to keep the master roll secure during transport while also leaving enough space for their finished rolls to be returned in boxes. 

Reduce Freight Claims and Save Cost

The product is now properly protected, and they are now able to save money in the long run!  They no longer need to worry about protecting their product, purchasing more pallets, or processing freight claims.  While utilizing our SLED base, this durable crate has completed many round trips, delivering the exact goal they had in mind! 

Suspended cylinder in shipping crate
Reusable Shipping Crate with Suspended roll cylinder on heavy duty pallet

As of March 2021, this shipping crate has been reused 24 times!

Reusable graphic

Are you looking to switch to reusable crates to save money?  Contact us with details!