Detroit Zoo Reopening Project

How SharkCrates helped the Detroit Zoo reopen during the COVID-19 Crisis

Detroit Zoo Reopening Project

How SharkCrates helped the Detroit Zoo reopen during the COVID-19 Crisis

SharkCrates at the Zoo

One of the most interesting projects this year was helping the Detroit Zoo reopen after their shutdown.  In late May, the zoo called to ask us if we could build them some crates.  Easy enough.  However, then they mentioned that they needed nine different sizes and they didn’t want a bottom board on any of the crates.

Crates Without a Pallet

Typically, we build our SharkCrates on top of a bottom panel (OSB or Plywood) and secure that panel to a standard pallet.  However, in this case, the zoo needed to be able to place the fully-assembled crate over a these statues.

The Solution

Within one day, we had engineered a solution by creating a bottom frame out of 2×4 lumber.  Then, we miter cut the ends and attached our brackets to the top of the boards.  The idea was that a team could then place these ready-made frames over the statues and start building the crate around them.  Within one day, the zoo had their proposal and we even offered to send over one of our technicians to help with the installation.  After receiving approval from the zoo, we started production of pieces, carefully labeling them to minimize installation time.  The next day, we loaded a van and headed to the zoo.

Patrick at the Zoo

Patrick, our engineer, arrived at the zoo (in a mask, of course!).  Within a few hours, he and some of the staff had assembled all the crates around the property.  During their walk through the park they noticed one statue that hadn’t been on the original list.  Luckily, Patrick had brought a few extra brackets and was able to quickly assemble a small crate around the final statue.

Final Thoughts

It was amazing to be a part of the reopening of America.  It’s also a testament to the flexibility of our SharkCrate System and the customer focus of our staff, who will always go above and beyond.

Click through the gallery above to see how we built the crate

Detroit Zoo Lion Statue in a SharkCrate
SharkCrate next to bench at Detroit Zoo
Van with wood shipping crates
Turtle inside of SharkCrate for Detroit Zoo
Patrick Jungenblut with SharkCrates

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