What are collapsible wood shipping crates?

So what are collapsible wood shipping crates?  The answer, it turns out, the answer is pretty straight forward:  It’s a wood shipping crate that can be collapsed into a variety of smaller parts for shipping or storage. 

As you can imagine, traditional wood shipping crates that are nailed together are not very easy to collapse.  In fact, you’ll probably end up destroying the crate before you can even get it apart.  That’s because most wood crates are constructed with nails, screws, or bolts. 

At SharkCrates, we do things a little bit differently.  We have designed our crates be assemble and disassembled over and over again by our customers. 

So what are the benefits of SharkCrates?

Collapsible wood shipping crates are reusable! 

After receiving a wood shipping crate, most people focus on how to dispose of it.  Wood crates take up a lot of space!  With our collapsible wood shipping crates, you can take them apart and store them until you’re ready to reuse them or ship them back to your supplier. 

SharkCrates take up less space in your warehouse 

Wood Shipping Crates Staged for Shipoment

If you are an industrial wood crate customer and require large amounts of wood packaging in your facility, you’ll love SharkCrates!  A fully-collapsed SharkCrate is only about 10” high, which means you can store stacks and stacks of crates in your warehouse and put them together on a just-in-time (JIT) basis.  Warehouse space is expensive!  According to Statistsa, the average cost per square foot of warehouse space in the US in 2019 was $5.98 per square foot.  Since our collapsible wood shipping crates take up 75% less space than fully assembled wood crates, that savings drops right to the bottom line. 

SharkCrates save money on freight 

SharkCrates loaded into a trailer

Since our wood crates ship flat, we’re able to pack many more SharkCrates inside of a semi-trailer than a traditional fully assembled shipping crate.  Check out this video below where we packed 240 of our 48 x 40 x 24 wood crates inside one 53’ semi-trailer.  If we had shipped these fully assembled, we would have only been able to fit about 60-80 crates inside.    Not only is shipping more product in one truck better for the environment by saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions (semi-trucks emit almost 162 grams per mile), it also saved the customer money.  In fact, these crates were shipped about 600 miles for a cost of only $5 per crate. 

So, our collapsible wood shipping crates are reusable, save storage space, reduce freight cost, and are better for the environment.  What’s not to love?