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Collapsible Wood Shipping Crates | Buy Online | Custom Sizes | Export Ready


Collapsible Wood Shipping Crates | Buy Online | Custom Sizes | Export Ready 

Wood Shipping Crates

SharkCrates are heavy-duty collapsible wood shipping crates that ship and store flat.

Custom Sizes Available

In addition to our standard sizes, we also offer custom shipping crates.

ISPM-15 Certified

All our shipping crates are ISPM-15 Certified and ready for export.

Collapsible Design

Save warehouse space and shipping cost

Collapsible Wood Shipping Crates

SharkCrates are collapsible wooden shipping crates that are durable, economical, and come in a variety of standard and custom sizes.

Save money on freight and storage space with our unique collapsible design that can be assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes.

Our heavy-duty wood shipping crates are economical enough for a one-way shipment and rugged enough to make the return journey.

Check out this animated video overview of SharkCrates

Save money on freight

Freight is expensive!  Our collapsible wooden crates can be stacked up to 8x high, which helps reduce total transportation cost per crate.

Case Study:  Shipping (8x) SharkCrate 48 x 48 x 42” crates from our location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Grand Rapids, Michigan

Freight Cost

Fully-Assembled Crates    = $452.64

Collapsible SharkCrates   = $113.16

Freight Savings            = $339.08 or 75%!

Save Money on Freight with SharkCrates - Comparison Graphic
Collapsible Knock Down Wood Shipping Crates by SharkCrates

Most SharkCrates can be stacked up to 8x high for shipment!

SharkCrate Set - designed to save shipping cost and warehouse space

Save valuable warehouse space

Save Warehouse Space with SharkCrates - Comparison Graphic

SharkCrates also save valuable warehouse space.  Build them as you need them.  Standard crates or lumber and panels to build your own crates take up precious square footage in your warehouse.

Case Study:  A warehouse with an inventory of (48x) 48 x 48x 48 wood shipping crates

Floor Space Used:

Standard Crate, stacked 3x high = 256 ft2

SharkCrate 48 x 48 x 48  = 64 ft2

75% floor space saved by using our collapsible wood shipping crates!

International Shipping Crates

ISPM-15 Certified – Export Ready

In accordance with IPPC regulations, all SharkCrates, including our custom shipping crates are ISPM15 certified, which means you can use them to export your products anywhere in the world.  

We take our commitment to protecting the native forests of our neighboring countries very seriously.  Even if you don’t buy from us, please make sure you look for the heat treatment stamp (HT) like ours before shipping any solid wood products overseas.

ISPM-15 Certification Stamp from IPPC - On all SharkCrates

SharkCrates – Made in Wisconsin // Made in America



Made in Wisconsin // Made in America


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