Our Wood Crates

SharkCrates come in many different sizes and, depending on the size, are shipped fully assembled or in ready-to-assemble “kits” which reduce freight cost and increase warehouse space.



Our wood shipping crates can be purchased as either fully-assembled crates, which include a removable top, or as “kits” that can be assembled in about 5-10 minutes using metal banding, the supplied screws, or with a pneumatic t-nail gun.

SharkCrates – Wood Crates Evolved

The simple yet elegant combination of our pallets, panels, and steel brackets creates a highly versatile and economical wood shipping crate that is incredibly strong, versatile, and export ready.



Our SharkCrates brackets are precision-engineered in Germany from 20-gauge, high-quality steel, which increases stability and helps protect all corners during transit.  These brackets arrive pre-attached to the panels for quick assembly.


The bottom, sides, and top of our SharkCrates consist of high-quality 19/32″ (15mm) OSB, which is light, strong, and environmentally sustainable.

Loading Panel

Our unique loading panel option can be added to certain crates to help facilitate ergonomic loading and unloading of loose freight.

The Pallet

The solid block-pallet construction of our SharkCrates pallet ensures stable footing and enhanced durability for multiple trips.  ISPM Certification means our crates can be easily exported anywhere in the world.