Designing a Custom Wood Shipping Crate with Three Levels

SharkCrate Engineering

When it comes to designing custom wood crates, the possibilities are endless – especially if you’re using SharkCrates brackets.  Recently a customer from Michigan asked us to design a custom shipping crate with three levels.  His goal was to keep his three products separate, but also to reduce the footprint of the shipping crate.  We accepted the challenge immediately. 

SharkCrate Crate Brackets Are the Secret Sauce 

One of the unique things about our crate brackets is that by changing the orientation, we can change the function of the bracket.  This allows us to create a removable side versus a removable top, add a bump out to the crate, or build levels. 

SharkCrate Brackets on Custom Crate with Three Levels

Designing the Crate 

After thinking about the challenge for only a few minutes, our engineer knew what he wanted to do.  My eyes glazed over slightly when he explained it to me and I knew we would need to create a 3D model of the crate so the customer could see his vision.  Shortly thereafter we sent the customer the design and he ecstatically signed off on the project.

Custom Crate Design

A Collapsible Crate with Multiple Levels?  Absolutely 

The final design of the crate included full-length brackets on the top and bottom and three alternating brackets the top two levels.  This alternating bracket orientation created a completely modular tri-level shipping crate that could be easily assembled and disassembled in just a few quick minutes. 

While a tri-level crate could be made from standard lumber and panel products, our collapsible design allowed our customer’s customer to quickly unload the freight one level at a time by simply removing a few screws and the side panels.  They didn’t have to pull out nails or use crow bars to try and break apart boards around delicate freight. 

Can We Build You a Custom Crate? 

Contact us and see how our SharkCrate brackets help build better custom shipping crates.